The 8 Percent: Mo’ Followers, Mo’ Problems (Legal Considerations for Bloggers)


My new Legal e-Guide for Bloggers is available NOW!

Hello fellow Bloggers!

How are you doing on this fine Thursday afternoon?  I’m doing GREAT!

Why?  The reason is that, after a long wait, my legal eGuide for bloggers is FINALLY available!  

It’s called The 8 Percent:  Mo Followers, Mo Problems:  Legal Considerations for Bloggers. Why this title?  Well,  here is your quick sneak peek into the book and the table of contents to show you why.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Read this First!
Chapter 2:  The Basics.  Content is King.  Brand Identity is Queen.
Chapter 3:  Copyright.  The primary law that protects your content.
Chapter 4:  Trademark.  The primary law that protects your brand identity.
Chapter 5:  Issues…with the Basics.  Who owns the content and brand identity now?
Chapter 6:  The Checklists.  Protection Tactics and Strategies.
Chapter 7:  When Keeping It Real Goes Real Wrong.  Situations when your blog can get you sued.
Chapter 8:  Blogging. Is. Business.™  #RealTalk:  entrepreneurship and brand collaborations

Chapter 1
Read this First!Blogging. Vlogging.
          What’s so great about it?
           Low barrier to entry.

All you need to start blogging is an Internet connection and something to share.  Such a low barrier to entry seems to explain the estimated 31 million bloggers in the United States alone.

According to, 81% of bloggers never make more than $100.00 with their blog and only 8% of bloggers gain such an incredible influence with their followers that they are able to financially support their household with their blog.  Truthfully, 8 percent of 31 million is nothing to scoff at.   It amounts to 2.4 million bloggers!  That’s roughly the size of the US prison population the population of Chicago, Illinois, which is the third largest city in the US.  I believe that if you are reading this e-guide, you are setting yourself up to become a part of that 8 percent.

With that said, allow me to share what I know about the 8 percent.  I know that while that kind of follower influence is not earned overnight, I also know that the 8 percent will become blindsided by legal issues as they build their blog, brand, influence, and business.  Everyone wants success.  Everyone anticipates that it will bring them mo’ money.  No one contemplates that it will bring them mo’ problems.

I know what you’re thinking —> “Legal issues for a blogger?  I’m just sharing on the Internet.  A public, free space.  How can “public” and “free” bring me problems?”   Well, let’s discuss!

[end of excerpt]

Be sure to check out this eGuide, guys…and take advantage of the discount.  It is my pleasure to help you move your blog into a profit centered business organization with this legal guide. It covers SO much legal information.  It was about 30 pages typewritten on 8.5 x 11 paper, so you will DEFINITELY get your money’s worth!  This e-Guide is ONLY $15.00.  Do you know how much you’d have to pay to consult with an attorney for all of this legal information?  I can tell you it would be more than $15.00.  *chuckle*

Get your copy today!
Many thanks to @BeBlogalicious for publishing this eGuide.
Leave your questions in the comments!


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