Reviving a blog…it feels good.

ReVive a blog. and thrive.Have you ever had a favorite blog and the blogger just stopped posting?  Or, maybe found a great blog post via a Google search only to discover the blog was full of amazing content but defunct?  Things happen.

Things happened to me.  My blog went silent for nearly a year.   I was grappling with the organic evolution of my career [an evolution that got a dose of accelerant from the universe because I was clearly moving too slowly].  If you read my posts from mid-2012 to the end of 2013, you’ll see that the IP lawyer who was working more and more with bloggers and who was talking more brand communications and brand management (and brand fixing) than pure legal stuff.

After 2.5 years of sorting things out, I’m reviving this blog.  Dusting it off, cleaning it up.  This blog is headed in a new direction.

So, I’ve changed the name. Sure, I’ll still talk about infringement of brand identity.  I’ll still discuss reputational issues for brands, but I feel the blog’s new name reflects the blog’s broader focus. The blog probably could have been named this all along, but I digress. #hindsightis2020  

I’m working on changing the name, too.  Stay tuned.



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