#BrandInfringement in the News: New Posthumous Aaliyah album produced by…Drake?

Okay, I can’t believe what I’m reading in the news. Pop singer Hip Hop artist Recording Artist Drake has released a single including the vocals of Aaliyah.

About Aaliyah –  In the 1990’s there were three major African American female vocalists on the airwaves and music videos:  Brandy, Monica, and Aaliyah.  Aaliyah was dubbed the princess of R &B.  She could sing and dance.  Her sultry sound was unique, a sound created with the help of legendary producers Timbaland and Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot.

So, Drake  – who was 7 years old when Aaliyah dropped her first album & 14 years old when Aaliyah died – has been chosen to executive produce a posthumous album of the late great recording artist.   Rolling Stone reported on August 10th that Blackground Records (the label Aaliyah recorded with) confirmed that Timbaland and Missy would definitely be involved.

However, on August 14, 2012, the Huffington Post and MTV News reported that Missy and Timbaland denied being asked to participate in the album.  The family of Aaliyah has also spoken out and stated that they are not involved in the project.

Reports state that fans like the new track, but are quite vocal that “it just ain’t right if Missy and Timbaland” are not involved.

Why not?  What are people concerned about?

I’ll tell you what I think.   I think [original] fans are concerned that Aaliyah’s branded sound may be materially changed or altered by Drake.  #BrandInfringement   Aaliyah’s sound is more than just her voice, it’s also the production surrounding the voice and the lyrics in her music.  Timbaland and Missy are much a part of Aaliyah’s branded sound as Aaliyah is.  I think fans are also concerned about “respect”.   A younster (Drake) coming in to produce an album using the name, image, and likeness of someone who is deceased without asking the blessing of the deceased’s family and those responsible for her successfully branded sound?

There’s just a way you do things.    What do you think about this?  Leave a comment because I want to know.   tma

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