Are you a small company that is in the process of building a great brand? READ THIS!


One of the greatest hurdles for small companies with a great product/service and brand is not having enough resources to stop an infringement.   Cease and desist letters aren’t always enough to get someone to stop. Sometimes an infringer will view a C&D as a bullying tactic.   So, they don’t respond…either in an effort to call your bluff or because they don’t think they are truly infringing.  And…sometimes they rationalize that since you’re a small business, you have limited resources, and can’t spend the money to pursue and litigate.   And usually the latter is the case.


But now….there is a new option.  IP litigation insurance…not to defend against IP litigation.  That’s been around.  But insurance for a small company to initiate IP litigation against an infringer!    Read more here:

IP: A new way to pay for intellectual property infringement litigation.

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